Then the Watermelon Had to Die

Watermelon Thoughts of THAT Mom

The picture above only tells part of the tragic story.  It is only half of one watermelon...but it says oh so very much. It is evidence of the tragedy that has been occurring multiple times a day for the past couple of weeks here at the Thompson household. 

The death of the watermelons.

But what you have to understand is that it's not my whole family working together to devour these tasty melons. Oh no! It's just one of us. That's right. And it's the tiniest one of us at that! Not only that...these aren't the baby watermelons. No, they're the mid-sized ones. 

That's right! My little Whitney, our Peanut, has single-handedly eaten 11 mid-sized watermelons in just 7 days. I haven't a clue where she's putting it. Well, except that she's also on a growth spurt. So there's also that. I guess, then, that it's fair to say that she's putting it in new clothes. Clever girl, that one! Figured out a way to use fruit to get new clothes!

Disclaimer: Several watermelon WERE harmed both in the making of this blog AND in the growing of my Peanut.

And I guess I'm okay with that.


little sis said...

Does this mean you will be blogging more? Sure do miss your posts. Love listening to you on SOS. Take care. Leanna in Vegas valley.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I will be posting a bit more, Leanna. Thank you for your kind words.