Is Snowden the Enemy?

A Facebook friend said that it's the job of those in government to keep their mouth's shut. He doesn't see people like Snowden as heroes. Instead, he says they nothing more than people with no self-control who can't be trusted.

I disagree. Long ago, a group of men bravely declared their independence from an overbearing government that had begun to rule them without proper representation.  Their words are worth reading again:  The Declaration of Independence

We are not called to be loyal to our government. The government, which consists of people who have been hired by the people are called to be loyal to the people upon whom their jobs depend. They are called to represent US; not the other way around.  When they do not, then they should be called to accountability for that.

I think we have forgotten the government's role. We have so willingly handed them full control forgetting that THEY are supposed to represent US. I'll say it one more time. The government is supposed to represent the people. NOT the other way around.

And in the Snowden/NSA case:  The NSA's actions very clearly violate the 4th Amendment of our Constitution.  It's cut and dry, in my opinion. I also find it absolutely ludicrous that our government would file espionage charges against Snowden. Irony, anyone? I mean, seriously? Pot, meet kettle.

Okay. I'll stop now.

But I mean really...

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