Twitter Account Causes Loss of Scholarship

I hope some day kids listen and hear what we're saying. What you put on your social media accounts or online anywhere CAN and often DOES negatively affect your future. Ohio State stopped recruiting a top player because of what he put on his Twitter account.

This guy was likely looking at a partial or full-ride scholarship...all down the drain because he was irresponsible on Twitter.

Some would say his parents should bear some responsibility for any child's actions online. I agree. I believe parents are incredibly lax when it comes to monitoring their kids online. BUT...I also don't think many parents know HOW to monitor their kids online. Many just truly have no clue what's out there and just don't understand the dangers that exist online. Perhaps we need to do a better job of educating parents?

Parents, doesn't stop there. Schools and employers alike check social media accounts before deciding whether to accept or hire someone. It's now part of a routine background check for some schools and employers. Everyone should have a good understanding of that before hitting that "post" or "send" button. If in doubt, don't. Don't assume that you can go back later and delete. Google cache keeps a history of nearly every web page forprettymuchever (that's an official length of time). You are better to have never posted something than to post it and regret it later.

Parents, we need to be more diligent in watching our kids and helping guide them as they are learning this lesson. Kids, or more specifically, teens...try to remember that we love you when we tell you no on opening an account somewhere or tell you that you should delete something (or shouldn't post it in the first place). We're looking out for not only your today, but your future as well. Someone once said that a good guide is this: Would you feel comfortable with your future spouse and your kids seeing what you're posting today. If the answer is no, then it's a good bet that you probably shouldn't be posting it. Also, if you feel the need to hide it, then you probably shouldn't be doing it.

Let me say it once more for effect and to make sure that everyone sees it:  What you put on your social media accounts or online anywhere CAN and often DOES negatively affect your future. 
If in doubt, don't.

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