Don't Point Too Close! (The Second Part)

It seems I need to clear a few things up.

First, no, I did NOT pay $21 to go to the museum. You all should know me better than that by now.  We got free tickets. (I know, shocker, right?) However, it would have cost $21 had we paid. 

Second, yes, I realize that some people do think that rotten spam in the shape of Australia is art. Those same people would probably be blown away by an empty milk crate in the middle of the floor sitting next to a silver bean bag chair by a pile of trash and a pair of smelly old shoes. Artistic genius! Or...not?? (Especially being that either roughly describes my 11yr old son's bedroom.) I'll let you be the judge.

But, how spectacular for those people who can see the art in those works! I guess. I'm suppose I'm just not avant garde enough to get it. (I'm so NOT avant garde, in fact, that I'm not even sure if I spelled it correctly or if I'm even using the words or phraseology correctly.) 

I'm just not hip. There. That's using my language. Although I'm sure my 14yr old would contest that as well. 

I think I just need to go put on my mom jeans and quit trying.

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