Don't Point Too Closely...Or Else!!!!

Apparently, the Laguna Beach Art Museum is clamoring for reviews. It's no wonder with what they're calling art. (Slats of insulation and cereal boxes on the wall.) No joke. THAT is the "art" that they're displaying. It wasn't a break room and they're not renovating. I checked. Twice.

And boy are they serious about their "art" too! 

Our son was pointing at a box of cereal hanging on the wall. He was staring at it in awe thinking that surely it was a joke. This couldn't really be the exhibit; could it? 

The curator saw our son in the midst of his crime...of pointing and staring at art in an art museum...and immediately yelled at him, "Don't point too close to that!!!"

Our son naturally looked at him dismayed. I did too. Had this man really just said what I think he said? Without thinking, I said, "What?!" asking for the lunacy to be repeated...and it was. 

As my whole family then realized what had been said, we all promptly responded (after my laughter) by raising our hands and pointing at whatever "art" happened to be in front of us.

Poor guy. I don't think he knew what to do with the likes of us. From the pointing too closely to my 14yr old daring to ask if the bean bag chair was for sitting on. (It wasn't. A coat of silver paint had apparently rendered it "art" as well.) 

What really made this museum a tragedy, though, is that the real art was hidden in dark corners and in stairwells. The art & artists in those areas should have been THE featured exhibits. 

You know, unless you consider blank canvas stretched over a pallet to be art. If so, then my 11yr old has some FANTASTIC pieces he'd like to sell you. For that matter, I've got a ream of paper you might like to see. You can...for only  $21. I can even hire someone to tell YOUR family not to point too closely at the box of Cheerios on top of my fridge.


Vicki Maheu said...

You know, I'm an artist, and try to remain very open minded about what is and is not "art", reminding myself that Van Gogh was not appreciated in his time by the art "experts". That Picasso is often to this misunderstood. That what is and is not "art" is a very subjective thing. However, some exhibits make that attitude harder than others! LOL

I often will tell myself, "If someone says that is their art, then fine, it is their art... whether it is good art or not is quite another matter."

Perhaps I should label all the junk left in my yard after our yard sale as "sculpture" and charge admission! ;)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I like to think that I'm pretty open-minded about these things as well, but I've learned that there are limits to my open-mindedness. A box of cereal hung on the wall and labeled as art exceeds those limits.

My husband and I have decided to remove the "disaster" declaration off of our son's room and re-declare it as an "art" zone. Our son is a genius!