"Evil" Music In Church?

A local church has done it again! They have, yet again, allowed "evil" music to darken their doors.  (Du Dun....)

This past weekend, Central Christian Church here in Vegas sang Katy Perry's "Roar".

(To be clear, this isn't a post about Central. I'm not here to defend Central. They don't need my defense. You will know them by their fruit and their fruit speaks well for them. Plus, they're not the only church who is playing music like this. They just so happen to be the one I'm using as an example because we used to attend this church. As such, I'm extremely familiar with this church and their practices.)

Here's the deal. Music, in and of itself isn't inherently evil. Some lyrics can be pretty bad, but the music itself isn't bad. The artists singing said music or even clean lyrics can be sinners. (Then again, isn't EVERY person singing EVERY song a sinner? Hmm....)

Yeah, but Amy...have you not SEEN the way some of these people dress? They're CLEARLY worse sinners than ME. Yeah, well, I'm not even about to get into a fight about how a sin someone might have on the outside makes them a worse sinner than you simply because you can do a better job of hiding your sin.

OH NO. She did NOT go there.

Oh yes. I did.

...and we'll now move on as I think my point as been made.

Who cares if they sing a song in church that happened to be first released on a secular station? Well, okay, clearly some people DO care. I'm saying they shouldn't. Yes, I'm presuming to tell others what they should think. Because, well...just because I am.

Look, if THAT'S what it takes to get someone in the doors of a church and then subsequently they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ then I'm okay with that. I'm pretty sure Jesus is too.

What?!?! Now you're presuming to speak for JESUS too?! Wow! You're pretty ballsy young lady!! You should go read your Bible again! Or for the first time. Or...something. 

(Like how I called myself a "young lady" in there? Yeah...just snicker quietly to yourself and move on, please.)

Yes. I am presuming to speak for Jesus too.


Let's chat for a minute about those beautiful hymns that every good Southern Baptist grew up singing, shall we? They were written to the tune of bar songs of their day. Yes...BAR songs. As in the SECULAR songs of the day. You know, like the songs that the Katy Perry's of yesteryear were singing. So basically, that hymn...was Katy Perry's "Roar"...and then someone changed the words a bit and it became a hymn and now we hail it as the end all and be all of Godly music. This was back during the time of the Reformation so...400 years ago, give or take.

Do you think that 400 years ago our ancestors could imagine us singing modified versions of their BAR songs as our beloved hymns? What do you think their reaction would be if they knew that we were DEFENDING those bar tunes as the end all and be all of Godly music?  Probably the same reaction WE'D have in another 400 years if our descendents were defending Justin Beiber songs as the end all and be all of worship music. We'd think they were a little silly/crazy...or perhaps that they'd all out lost it.

But...what if they'd moved on from Justin Beiber and were simply then singing what appealed to people of THEIR time? What if they were singing what would draw people in to church so that they would hear the gospel THEN? We'd probably think that was a LOT better than keeping people OUT of church for the sake of keeping Justin Beiber songs IN.

Note...not for the sake of keeping GOD in church, but for the sake of keeping a particular type of SONG in church.

There is a difference. A HUGE difference.

The bottom line for me is this. Those who might "darken" the doors of churches like Central because of songs like "Roar" will end up also hearing songs like this:  Drew Bodine "Torn".

And THAT is why churches like Central play those "evil" songs. It's also why Godly lyrics were put to those bar tunes so long ago.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Katy Perry's 'Roar' can have a very powerful message. How very narrow minded of you to call it evil. Do you watch Good Morning America ever? Recently they did a contest for that song and the students made videos about standing up to bullying and having a voice.

Would it be my first choice in a church? No but to call it evil is very shallow. Evil would be playing something dirty and degrading, not a song that is uplifting.
I pity your children for your close mindedness.

Gary Thompson said...

Did you even READ this blog?

Her point is that the song is NOT evil.

Unknown said...

What did you do? Did you just so happen to glance over the first couple of lines and come to the conclusion as to what this blog is about? When you got on the computer or whatever device you are using tonight was it your intention to find a mother and make such a horrible comment to her and her children? You pity her children because their mother has an opinion? It's a good thing you aren't in MY head. I have a whole lot of opinions that I can guarantee you wouldn't like. Amy's opinion wasn't even close minded. Try READING!! Now there's a thought!

Christopher said...

I'll not argue your main point with you, but I will point out that some of your evidence is faulty. The conception that Luther or the Wesleys used bar tunes for their hymns comes from a confusion of terms. They used songs that were written in bar form, but this had nothing to do with taverns. You can read more on the topic at

Linda said...

I looked up the lyrics of Roar and it has a theme of relying on yourself. Therefore, you don't need a Savior. This song has the basic idea of "Do what thou wilt" which is the theme of many secular songs. Check out to learn more about "evil music". I would be offended by this song in church. If it doesn't glorify my Lord Jesus, then it doesn't belong in a worship service.