The Mom Who Wanted To Potty

Everyone knows what to expect. You try to potty and your little ones follow you.

The new mom might close the door only to find eager little hands peeking under the door or worse...banging excitedly. The bang might mean "I need a cookie NOW!!!!" Or it might mean "I've set the cat on fire and released a legion of army ants from the ant farm onto the recliner!!!" When it's child number one, you rush to the rescue quickly learning that the world will collapse if you ever even think of going to the restroom. You learn that if you do potty, you do so without privacy. By child number three, you're musing to yourself how much your husband will appreciate his new recliner-mates later as you finish your business before opening the door. 

Regardless, part of what helps you get through this "stage" is knowing that eventually it will end. You'll get your privacy back. There will come a time when you close that door and no one calls your name asking for something or wanting to having a philosophical discussion at ONLY that moment.

LIES!!!!  IT'S ALL LIES!!!! 



Listen to me, people. It goes on FOREVER!!!!

And worse...your HUSBAND reverts back to his days as a child and starts doing this too. 

Mothers, you will never again pee in silence. Ever. You have lost those days. They're gone. Forever.

This has been today's encouraging word to young mothers. 

(And there's more where that came from, ya'll!) 

(See that Oklahoma creeping back in there? It's what happens when the Tulsa turned Vegas girl moves back to Tulsa.)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Amy! Carly Rush from Tulsa, here. So glad you and your hubby are back in town. I used to enjoy your tweets, or was it Facebook posts? I can't remember, but I lost touch with them for some reason. Maybe because I switched my Carly Rush page to a fan page, and I no longer get a news feed. I hate that. Anyway, chatted with your hubby yesterday at WalMart, and heard you were working to get settled back in town. Please, let me know if there's anything I can do to help or make your life easier. By the way, so I can get back in touch, I now have a personal GB page as well as a fan page, so what are your twitter and FB handles? Thanks, and welcome back!

Yvonne said...

This is a beautiful Titus 2 post. LOL

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I'm glad we re-connected, Carly! Thanks for hunting me down! I got your personal page request. :)

Yvonne-Oh, I'm quite sure! LOL!!!

Cynthia said...

HAHA :). SO true!