Silent No More

What happens when that's "just the way it is"?

What happens when a 13yr old girl has heard a constant stream of the men in her life talking about how if a woman is raped then it's her fault. She was asking for it. She was probably the one to blame.

What happens?

That 13yr old girl stays silent.

I know.

Because *I* was that 13yr old girl. And I have NEVER spoken publicly about this.

In 26 years. 

Because of fear.

Those closest to me, my kids, my (ex)husband...they know...but I have never gone public with what happened to me before now...or where the "man" who raped me (and 3 other girls who I know of) is today.

Because the rapes were never reported...4 of them...the "man" (a 16yr old kid at the time) who did this to now a police officer. Who is married. With teen girls. 

And all of that terrifies me. 

There's an entire town we won't move to because of where this person works. Because I don't want to ever have to encounter this person. 

Rape culture. Sexual assault. It's what all guys do, right? Us girls should just have to deal, right?

No. Not on my watch. Not in my house. Not in my America. 

Not to my children.

They have been raised differently.


Beth said...

I'm so glad you have spoken out. I love you friend. A local close friend here says "When someone cannot submit to the law, they BECOME the law." It silenced me at first but the more and more and more I look around, it cannot be more true. Scares me about what the police and law enforcement is today. But to him, "be sure your sins will find you out" and "what is in secret will be brought into light". You are an amazing wife, mom and dear friend.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Thank you, Beth. Love you. :)