Parents Devastated As Children Falter in Faith

Devastated parents, David and Cecilia Robertson of Holland, MI. learned Tuesday that their son had strayed from the blue Wolverine faith in which he was raised. “We just never could have expected something like this,” David said, “You think you're doing everything right...and then...your children just walk away.”

Cecilia recounts what she could have done differently to keep her son from “Going Green”. “We never even so much as allowed the color green to darken our doorsteps! It just wasn't allowed! Then, I looked outside at the grass which we took SO much pride in. What color was it? Green. We ALWAYS had to have that stupid green grass! Could WE have caused this?! Could this REALLY be OUR fault?” As Cecilia bursts into tears, David tries to comfort his wife to no avail.

In Oklahoma, the Dunstans are facing a similar story. Despite decorating their home and kids in orange and black year-round like a constant Halloween festival to show their OSU Cowboy pride, one of their children has gone astray. Jacob explains, “All we can do is pray. We can just take our child to the Lord and hope that he comes back to the light.” Holly, “You want to support your children. You want to let them know that you love them, no matter what path they choose. It's really hard, though, when they have literally chosen a path that is completely opposite to how you raised them. I mean, you don't want to call your child a sinning, heathen, devil child to his face, but...” Jacob, “It really makes you question yourself and your parenting. I mean, we have 2 other children! Are we going to screw them up too?”

The situation gets far stickier when the children decide to go to college at the opposing institution. Jacob still shudders at the thought of writing that check, but supposes he'd rather his child have A college education even if it IS at the University of Oklahoma. The Dunstans are currently searching to hire look-alikes to attend their son's basketball games as they don't think they can bring themselves to sit on the Sooner side even if it is to cheer on their son.

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