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SOS Mom Saver: Save on Appliances Pt. 1 (Rebates)

You CAN save money on appliances, but it can take a bit of work. Right now, however, government rebates in the appliance version of "Cash for Clunkers" makes it much easier for us to save on appliances!

Many don't believe that I'm really as sadly cheap frugal as I say I am. Let me put it this way: We haven't had a working fridge for close to 2 weeks now...and are not going to have one until the 17th so that we can take advantage of the rebate to save even more money. The fridge portion doesn't work at all. The freezer portion of the fridge now acts as our fridge because it's cold enough for a fridge, but no longer freezes. We have a small freezer in the garage that is holding ALL of our freezer stuff. And when I say small...I mean WAY TOO small for a family like ours that relies on buying or making much of our allergy stuff in bulk to save money.

So...we'll be purchasing a brand-spanking new fridge & a new freezer this coming Saturday. We were actually planning waiting until June to purchase the freezer & planning on using a 10% coupon at that time as there are rarely good sales on the bigger chest freezers. We moved our plans up because the $150 rebate offered by the state of Nevada on freezers is too good for us to pass up on something we need anyway. (We left our VERY old big freezer in Michigan because the door had broken & had to be kept shut by putting several large, heavy objects on top of it. It was a pain. Not to mention inefficient.)

I'll cut to the chase for those who just like to see the info for themselves. You can go to the Energy Savers site to find out info for your state including when it starts & which appliance groups have rebates offered on them. The Energy Star site details every appliance that is eligible within each appliance group.

Just to clarify, by "appliance group" I mean washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, etc. The covered appliance groups and rebates offered within each group does vary by state. For example, Nevada offers various rebates on dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, or clothes washers while California only offers rebates on refrigerators, clothes washers, and room air conditioners.

Each state does have a different start date. In most states, you must pre-apply for the rebate BEFORE you purchase your appliance. You must also have an eligible old appliance that is properly disposed of (and have proof of that disposal). I talked to the store manager of our local Lowe's who said that most major appliance stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, and Best Buy offer free haul away of your old appliance with delivery of your new one. The most important thing to verify is that the delivery person who hauls off your old appliances gives you proof that they have done so. This proof is necessary for your rebate.

The one consistency across the board has been how quickly the rebates go. For example, the rebate period in Arizona opened yesterday morning (April 12th). All funds had been promised by 10am. There is currently a waiting list for the rebate on a clothes washer, but all other rebate options have been officially closed. Some state sites open at 12:01am on the eligible day (April 17th...this coming Saturday in Nevada). Others wait until the start of business day. In Nevada, you can also reserve your rebate by phone, but you'll likely get in earlier by going online. If you NEED this rebate (like us), I would recommend staying up to check the site & see if it goes live in the midnight hour. I'm already a night owl so this isn't a problem for me. I'll update on my Twitter & Facebook accounts when the Nevada site has gone live as I'll be staying up & waiting for it.

You can find info on how else we're saving on our fridge & freezer in Part 2.

Mom Saver: Save on Appliances Part 2 (Price-Matching)

I covered the upcoming appliance rebates courtesy of our tax money in part 1. However, there's a lot more to how we're saving money on this $898 fridge from Lowe's than just the rebate.

We're utilizing the Lowe's price-matching policy to our full advantage! The exact same fridge is carried across town by Costco for $799. Lowe's will not only match that price, but they'll give me an additional 10% off! Make no mistake here, that's an ACTUAL 10% off, NOT 10% of the DIFFERENCE off like it is at many stores. Now, we're down to $719.10. In addition to that, I have a coupon that we got when we moved into our new house for an additional 10% off. (Note: Whether or not they'll accept this coupon is VERY MUCH a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) which means that the manager of the store has the right to refuse the coupon with a price match...but some WILL take it. I had to call 3 different Lowe's stores before I found one that would also take this coupon.) That brings our total down to $647.19. Off of that, I'm applying the Energy Star rebate from the government bringing my total for this $898 fridge down to $447 plus taxes.

The other bonus in having Lowe's price match instead of buying it at Costco is that Lowe's offers free delivery & haul-away of my old appliance. These would have cost me at least an additional $40 had I purchased the fridge at Costco.

There is another rebate out there for $50 that I'm told by store staff that we qualify for. However, I can't find any information on this rebate online. If it is, indeed, a valid rebate, then that will bring our total down to $397.19 for the fridge!

Not bad for a brand new, 25.1 cu. ft., stainless steel-look (which we prefer over actual stainless steel) side-by-side fridge that comes with filtered, in-door water & ice with a lock!

It definitely pays to shop around; especially with bigger items. My next goal is to find a good deal on an Energy-Star freezer before Saturday!