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Twitter & Facebook Problems

If Twitter is down and Facebook is having issues, then what will we do today?

GASP...I'm feeling an off-grid day coming.

Many are stressing today because Twitter is down. Facebook while officially accessible, is also having issues. Really? We stress about THIS?

Have an off-grid day, folks! Seriously! It's fun!

Enjoy your Twitter-free, Facebook-less day! 'Cause why stress about it? Enjoy your computer-less day instead!




Come join me as I "mini-blog" throughout the day.

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Come befriend me if we're not already online friends. You can see me mini-blogging as I go throughout my day.

While I take two days off of here a week, I rarely take a day off of Twitter. It's just so easy to send a quick Tweet through my phone.

You'll also be the first to hear about great deals I find throughout the week. Many of which you won't see here.

Tweet at you later! (Or see you on Facebook.)