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Wow! Just wow.

I think this is wonderful. I think it's phenomonal that they can offer this to cancer patients. I see that as being the most common use for this procedure.

Dr. Sherman Silber, is one of the best micro-surgeons in the world. I can't even begin to imagine how much an ovary transplant with him would cost.

I wonder if insurance would cover this procedure (freezing an ovary before treatment and replacing it after)? If not, how much would this cost for those who wanted to have this procedure? Yes. I really think about such things. :-)

My only concern with donated ovaries is the same concern I have for donated babies (embryos), donated eggs, and donated sperm. How do we prevent those who are created through donation from dating & marrying a sibling without even realizing it? Obviously in this case, that's a non-issue. It's not for a non-related donor, though. I wonder if anyone has ever researched that issue?




There was a discussion a while back on a board I'm on regarding vitamins and supplements and whether there was any value in taking them. Below is my take on the issue based on the research I have done thus far on this subject.

The bottom line here is whether they are "bioavailable" to your system. In other words, can your body take that tablet, capsule, or liquid, break it down, pull out the vitamins and minerals it is supposed to pull out and get it to the proper parts of your body at the proper time.

Of course you will always get a better source of vitamins and minerals from fresh foods. There is no way around that. That IS true. However, that does NOT necessarily mean that you DON'T get vitamins and minerals from a vitamin pill or doesn't mean you do either.

Does that mean you shouldn't take vitamins? You'll have to decide that for yourself after research.

If you do decide to continue taking vitamins, you'll want to then find out what kinds of vitamins and minerals are best absorbed by your body. (Every body can be different, but most people have some basic similarities.)

Just like the fastest way to get a med into your body is through the blood stream, the 2nd best way is sublingual (under your toungue), the 3rd best way is through a liquid, the 4th best way is through a capsule or gel cap. Your body will be able to use more of what you give it for CERTAIN vitamins and minerals if you follow the sublingual/liquid/gel cap order. For example, I only use sublingual b12. I only use liquid ibuprofin because I can take 400mg and have the same effectiveness as if I took 800mg of a capsule or pill. If a liquid isn't available, I'll take a liquigel. I only use liquid Benadryl for the same reason. I can take 1/2 the amount for the same effectiveness.

For those vitamins that must be in pill form, a gel cap is best as your body can break down what is in there much more easily and quickly than another form of pill.

For those vitamins you can't find in gel cap form, there are forms that are better or more "bioavailable" for your body, but you'll have to do research to find out exactly which form it is for each individual mineral or vitamin as what's best for each person varies not only by each individual vitamin and mineral, but by the age of the person taking it. (Some forms are more bioavailable for older people whereas others can be easily absorbed by younger bodies only.)

I'm still researching on this issue myself and my "expertise" is limited to only those vitamins, minerals, and herbs that my family utilizes. Even then, I don't consider myself an expert, but a person who knows only what she has researched thus far... I am still learning.