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It's So Good to Be Settled

There are no words to describe how wonderful it is to finally be settled into our new home. The boxes aren't all unpacked yet, but we are home. It's so wonderful to be home even if we are still surrounded by mounds of boxes.

We started back to full-time schooling this week, and are LOVING our new school room! This is the first time we've ever had a dedicated school room. It's incredibly nice not having a bookshelf in every. single. room. We actually have room to move around!

I appreciate your patience as we've made this move. While I love blogging, my priorities get all thrown around when we move; especially when we're living in a hotel, looking for a house, and looking for new car all at the same time!

I was hoping to get pics of our house up today, but it's raining. Instead, we're going to go car shopping in the rain. Because THAT sounds like LOADS of fun!


The Suite Life!

Okay, so that's a really poor reference to a Disney show. (A Disney show which we haven't seen in almost 2 years since we cut off our cable.) (And I hear from friends on Facebook that they're now on a boat anyway.) But I digress.

The suite life will soon be ours no more. It has been an exciting adventure to be sure. Nevertheless, we are more than excited to be moving into our house!! God has definitely blessed us!

Friday cannot come soon enough!


When Are You Due?

I had someone ask me this today. Normally, if I weren't pregnant, that question wouldn't have bothered me...even if I'd just had a child.

Today, though, it nearly brought me to tears. The words where right there. I fought so hard not to scream them. "I'm supposed to be!!" "I WAS!" It took everything for me to not break down. Everything.

And so ends my silence. Everything happened at once. We were moving. I had a new life inside of me. We were about to finish our move. I lost that life. My baby went to be with Jesus. I kept focusing on the move and didn't deal with our loss. We moved to a new place. I had to unload a truck. Needed to start schooling the kids again. Had to find a place to live. Couldn't deal with our loss.

Couldn't? Or didn't?

When our car broke down the other day & I cried uncontrollably for 2 hours, I knew it wasn't because of the car. It was because I had lost another baby, and I hadn't dealt with our loss. I kept pushing it down because I was busy, and that was easier.

I didn't blog because I didn't know what to say. I was hurt. Blogging about it meant dealing with it. And I didn't want to deal with it. I didn't want to feel the pain. Because that was easier.

I could be superficial on Twitter & Facebook. I couldn't be superficial here. This blog...this is my heart. And my heart is broken.


On the Road Again

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

After a very long, very hard week, we have finally begun our trek to Vegas. They took our fully-loaded truck on the 23rd. We'll arrive in Vegas on the 3rd of January. In between, we're stopping in Chicago (where we are now) then heading to Oklahoma & Kansas to visit family before leaving New Year's Day to head to Vegas.

We've been without internet for over a week & will only have occasional access between now & when we get to Vegas. You can follow updates in real time on my Twitter or Facebook until I have full-time access to update you here again.

We would appreciate your prayers as we travel. We'd also appreciate your prayers for my health and our peace as I am currently miscarrying again, and have had some complications.

Have a Happy New Year!



Moving Box with Coffee
It's clear my family has their priorities in order. Who can argue with that?


A Radio Wife's Guide to Moving

I generally don't like to brag about myself. However, after embarking on my 16th move and the 7th time I've changed states in 12 1/2 years, I feel I can safely say that I'm an expert at moving. Add to that the years of experience I gained moving as a child, teen, & young adult thanks to my Dad's career in the oil industry, and I think I've earned the title "expert" fair & square!

Thankfully, both my husband & I feel we're finally heading to a long-term place. After having done pretty much everything in radio, Gary has found exactly where he wants to be job-wise. As a result, this may be one of my final long-term moves. I foresee myself needing to start a moving company in the future to fill any gaps this may leave.

Many have joked after I've moved myself or helped them get their house packed in a week that I should write a book on moving. I've told them I'm going to title it "A Radio Wife's Guide to Moving".

So I did what they've asked. I have started a blog: A Radio Wife's Guide to Moving. I'll be blogging about our current move as well as writing a step-by-step guide for moving.

I'll let you guys know when I have a post over there as well.

Back to packing!