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Recommended Books for Teens

I mentioned several books for teens on the show today.  You can find them on Amazon by clicking below.  (Please note that you are NOT obligated to purchase through Amazon or through the links I have provided if you do purchase from Amazon.  The links are purely for your convenience.  If you do decide to purchase through the links, then I will make a percentage of the sale which will be put towards the operating costs for the site.)

 (Picture from Amazon)

  (Picture from Amazon)

Uncompromising: A Heart Claimed By a Radical Love

  (Picture from Amazon)

Find out more about Alex and Brett Harris and how they are encouraging teens to live for Christ by going to their website:  Rebelution.


Bible Reading Plans

Last week, Gary & I talked on the air about different Bible reading plans.  Anytime I get a new "smart" phone, one of the first things I always do is download the free Bible onto it.  The software I use from You Version includes tons of options including a Bible search feature and TONS of different Bible reading plans (that's a direct link to them) from time-based plans (like reading the Bible in 90 days) to individual studies on certain topics and even "overview" plans like the "essential 100".

What I love about this software is that once I create an account (for free), my information is saved and I can start right where I left off should I get a new phone.  Plus, I can access & update the info online just as I do on my phone.

And I would like to take this time to give a shout out & say thank you to Life Church TV for providing this resource.  They do it for free so that people can have better access to the Bible and the resources they need to study it.  How awesome is THAT?

Disclaimer:  I am not in anyway affiliated with Life Church TV or You Version.  They didn't ask me to write this review. I'm certain they probably don't even know about it.  I just love and have utilized their product for close to 3 years now.


What We're Reading: Devotionals

In my (oft-humbled) opinion, it doesn't matter what we use (or if we use anything) so long as we're reading the Word of God.  I also don't think God puts a time or verse requirement on us.  He just wants us to spend time with Him.  To have a relationship.

Right now, I'm reading "Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn from Them" by Liz Curtis Higgs.

I'm only part-way into the book, but so far, I'm really enjoying it.  There are also other books in the same series including "Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible: Flawed Women Loved by a Flawless God" and "Really Bad Girls of the Bible: More Lessons from Less-Than-Perfect Women".  They also have workbooks that correspond to each of the books.  Based on the first book, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series as well.

My girls have been working in the God & Me Devotional series for quite awhile.  Both of them as well as my son asked for new devotionals for Christmas.  How can a mom say no to a request like that?  (She can't.)

We're getting our son one of the first boy's devotionals in the "God & Me" series.  I'm really excited, though, about what we're getting the girls.  We found them a devotional that goes in-depth into the book of Proverbs and applies the book to the lives of tween & pre-teen girls.  PERFECT!  This sounds like something they'll BOTH love...and something that will really help develop their character and as they grow into young ladies.

The devotional is called "Between God and Me: A Journey through Proverbs".

If you're interested, you can actually read parts of all of the books I've listed above on Amazon.  (If you click on the links I provided above and then purchase the books after clicking on those links then I will get affiliate credit for your doing so.  However, the links are provided for your convenience and you should feel no obligation to purchase through those links.  While I do purchase many items (and some books) Amazon, I utilize or Paperbackswap for most of my book purchases.)

I pray you have a very Merry Christmas!


Upgrading (November 2010)

Thoughts of THAT mom is upgrading.  We appreciate your understanding & patience as we strive to make this site one you can use and enjoy with ease.

We anticipate that we will have completed the upgrade by January 2011.