The Mom Who Wanted To Potty

Everyone knows what to expect. You try to potty and your little ones follow you. 

The new mom might close the door only to find eager little hands peeking under the door or worse...banging excitedly. The bang might mean "I need a cookie NOW!!!!" Or it might mean "I've set the cat on fire and released a legion of army ants from the ant farm onto recliner!!!" When it's child number one, you rush to the rescue quickly learning that the world will collapse if you ever even think of going to the restroom. You learn that if you do potty, you do so without privacy. By child number three, you're musing to yourself how much your husband will appreciate his new recliner-mates later as you finish your business before opening the door. 

Regardless, part of what helps you get through this "stage" is knowing that eventually it will end. You'll get your privacy back. There will come a time when you close that door and no one calls your name asking for something or wanting to having a philosophical discussion at ONLY that moment.

LIES!!!!  IT'S ALL LIES!!!! 



Listen to me, people. It goes on FOREVER!!!!

And worse...your HUSBAND reverts back to his days as a child and starts doing this too. 

Mothers, you will never again pee in silence. Ever. You have lost those days. They're gone. Forever.

This has been today's encouraging word to young mothers. 

(And there's more where that came from, ya'll!) 

(See that Oklahoma creeping back in there? It's what happens when the Tulsa turned Vegas girl moves back to Tulsa.)


Following Daddy. It Happens.

They say that the man should be the head of the household. He should be the spiritual head. The ruler, the leader, the king, the (said in a big booming voice) MAN OF THE HOUSE. You know...the one who can dictate and rule all that happens in his house. And everyone in the house should unquestioningly follow him. We bow down at his feet and salivate waiting anxiously for his next command.

Okay. Stop laughing. I may have been a BIT over-dramatic there. No, really. You, my husband? Stop the laughing.

I think men are afraid to take that lead, though. They think it HAS to be this big, overly-dramatic thing.They think that we, as their wives, expect perfection...or that we expect something big and over-the-top to prove your manliness.


It is absolutely amazing to me what happens when the man of the house takes the lead on something. Everyone else follows suit. They don't do that with anything else or following after anyone else. Nope. Just dad. Just the husband. Just the man.


I don't know, really. It's not a conscious thing we do. We I have seen it time and time again in our family. Once Daddy takes the lead on happens.

My husband has been a really GREAT example to us of late.  He didn't set out to be an example. He didn't set out to change the way our family did anything. He just started doing what was right. What was right for all of us, really...but he was simply doing what was right and best for him at the time. He took a step outside of the door and started exercising. Just one step. Just one day. And then another the next. And the next.

Then something happened. The kids wanted to go. They wanted to join Daddy in his exercise. They started talking about fitness and about being healthier. We all did, as a family. Then Mom joined in.

Now, several months later, as a result of his example...and his bold step forward ONE day, his family is better off health-wise as a result.

Men, you really can effect change in your family. It doesn't involve you saying anything. It doesn't involve you doing something fantastic or overly-dramatic. It can be as simple as you walking for 30 minutes every day. Your family is watching and they really do look up to you, respect you, and want to follow your lead. Desperately.

Thank you, honey for being the example that we can follow. Thank you for taking that first step. Thank you for being someone we can look up to, respect, and someone whose lead we want to follow.

I love you. I'm so blessed to have married you. I couldn't have asked for a better husband or father for my children.


Hallo (Evil?) Ween

There's an article about Halloween making it's rounds today. 

I couldn't get past #2 in this article without asking if this family celebrates Christmas or any other holiday that originated as a pagan holiday. Based on their reasoning given here for rejecting Halloween, one could logically conclude that they don't. 

For the most part, I don't agree with the rest of her article or her underlying premise that everyone participating in Halloween is doing scary, evil, "sexy", and/or bad things for a day whether their heart intentions when doing so are bad or good. 

There's nothing evil that we're temporarily doing for a day. We're not living any differently today than we do any other day. There are no false pretenses we're making therefore no one we're "leading astray" by panhandling for candy from those willingly giving it out. 

I don't believe we're aligning ourselves with the world by our kids getting candy on Halloween anymore than we are by putting up a tree at Christmas. 

Or did we want to go there too? Did we need to also pull down THAT sacred cow? Because if we're going to say that one is bad, then let's stop and evaluate ALL of the pagan holidays that we, as Christians (or the Catholic Church to be more accurate) co-opted.

Now, all of that being said, I will say this: Choosing to abstain from any holiday is a personal decision. There is nothing wrong with making that decision. The only wrong comes in, in my opinion, when you judge others as less than yourself or as less of a Christian because they aren't making the same choice as you. 

This is not a sin issue, in my opinion. Rather, it's a decision to be made between you and your spouse according to your convictions for your family and situation.

Instead of judging those who choose differently than you, let's operate in love. 

Love others. 

You can't ever go wrong operating in love and grace, in my opinion. 

But also, free chocolate. 


A Simple Word

You know that message you sent to someone where you said something as simple as "I'm thinking about you" or "I'm praying for you" and you thought it wasn't much? 

Well you were wrong.

It may have very well meant the world to the person who received it. 

So thank you.


"Evil" Music In Church?

A local church has done it again! They have, yet again, allowed "evil" music to darken their doors.  (Du Dun....)

This past weekend, Central Christian Church here in Vegas sang Katy Perry's "Roar".

(To be clear, this isn't a post about Central. I'm not here to defend Central. They don't need my defense. You will know them by their fruit and their fruit speaks well for them. Plus, they're not the only church who is playing music like this. They just so happen to be the one I'm using as an example because we used to attend this church. As such, I'm extremely familiar with this church and their practices.)

Here's the deal. Music, in and of itself isn't inherently evil. Some lyrics can be pretty bad, but the music itself isn't bad. The artists singing said music or even clean lyrics can be sinners. (Then again, isn't EVERY person singing EVERY song a sinner? Hmm....)

Yeah, but Amy...have you not SEEN the way some of these people dress? They're CLEARLY worse sinners than ME. Yeah, well, I'm not even about to get into a fight about how a sin someone might have on the outside makes them a worse sinner than you simply because you can do a better job of hiding your sin.

OH NO. She did NOT go there.

Oh yes. I did.

...and we'll now move on as I think my point as been made.

Who cares if they sing a song in church that happened to be first released on a secular station? Well, okay, clearly some people DO care. I'm saying they shouldn't. Yes, I'm presuming to tell others what they should think. Because, well...just because I am.

Look, if THAT'S what it takes to get someone in the doors of a church and then subsequently they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ then I'm okay with that. I'm pretty sure Jesus is too.

What?!?! Now you're presuming to speak for JESUS too?! Wow! You're pretty ballsy young lady!! You should go read your Bible again! Or for the first time. Or...something. 

(Like how I called myself a "young lady" in there? Yeah...just snicker quietly to yourself and move on, please.)

Yes. I am presuming to speak for Jesus too.


Let's chat for a minute about those beautiful hymns that every good Southern Baptist grew up singing, shall we? They were written to the tune of bar songs of their day. Yes...BAR songs. As in the SECULAR songs of the day. You know, like the songs that the Katy Perry's of yesteryear were singing. So basically, that hymn...was Katy Perry's "Roar"...and then someone changed the words a bit and it became a hymn and now we hail it as the end all and be all of Godly music. This was back during the time of the Reformation so...400 years ago, give or take.

Do you think that 400 years ago our ancestors could imagine us singing modified versions of their BAR songs as our beloved hymns? What do you think their reaction would be if they knew that we were DEFENDING those bar tunes as the end all and be all of Godly music?  Probably the same reaction WE'D have in another 400 years if our descendents were defending Justin Beiber songs as the end all and be all of worship music. We'd think they were a little silly/crazy...or perhaps that they'd all out lost it.

But...what if they'd moved on from Justin Beiber and were simply then singing what appealed to people of THEIR time? What if they were singing what would draw people in to church so that they would hear the gospel THEN? We'd probably think that was a LOT better than keeping people OUT of church for the sake of keeping Justin Beiber songs IN.

Note...not for the sake of keeping GOD in church, but for the sake of keeping a particular type of SONG in church.

There is a difference. A HUGE difference.

The bottom line for me is this. Those who might "darken" the doors of churches like Central because of songs like "Roar" will end up also hearing songs like this:  Drew Bodine "Torn".

And THAT is why churches like Central play those "evil" songs. It's also why Godly lyrics were put to those bar tunes so long ago.